Booking terms



  • We do our best to help you in English but not everything on our website is in English. You remain responsible for translating the texts you need.
  • Ethics and hygiene is important in the salon. Customers are expected to take care of this as well.
  • We can pay less attention to your treatment if young children are taken with you, please arrange babysitters for children. (For a treatment, little girls are welcome).
  • Animals are not allowed in the salon.
  • When making an online appointment, you will find a comment box at the last step, this is not intended to ask questions or add treatments. So only selected treatments are booked out at last.
  • The times indicated are often enough but we can't guarantee that this is the case with every hairtype, therefore keep it in mind and plan extra time in your calendar to avoid being rushed.


      Customer service:

  • For questions and information we can only be reached by phone.
  • During treatments we do not answer a phone, you can leave a request by sms if you want to be called back.
  • We can't be reached through social media, our social media channels and newsletter are intended to keep our customers informed.
  • As an additional service, we send emails and text messages to remind you of your appointment and to confirm your appointment. However, we can only do this if your correct mobile number and email address is in our system.
  • If we have a failure in our network or system, you will not receive any sms or email. You remain responsible for fulfilling your commitments!
  • All emails and text messages we send to remind you of your appointment and to confirm your appointment are automatic emails, so you can't answer those emails and texts.


        Appointment terms

        Move appointment:

  • The reserved treatments can be moved to a new available date and time up to 48 hours before the appointment.
  • Moving an appointment can only be done via a link that you can find in your confirmation email. (so it can't be done over the phone or messages). That is why we advise you to keep this email until then.
  • The appointment can be moved twice.


  • In case of corona symptoms:
  • We will send you a digital form with health questions 24 hours before the appointment, with a positive completed form ( if one of the first 2 questions is answered with yes), you may move the appointment by phone up to 20 hours in advance during our opening hours.
    Modify treatments:
  • A wrong reserved combination of treatments can be changed once to 48 hours before the appointment over the phone as long as the total amount of the new treatment(s) is not lower than the deposit already made for the current appointment.

  • The reserved treatments that remain after 48 hours before the appointment cannot be abbreviated and must be fully paid on the relevant day.
  • An incorrectly selected model number needs to be changed in the salon.
  • We cannot guarantee that the missed treatments you may have forgotten to book can be added on the relevant day, but we would be happy to do so if we have extra time.

  • We can only send the confirmation email if your correct email address is in our system. Did you not receive the confirmation email? It may be that your confirmation email has ended up in your junk mail (spam). But if you didn't find email confirmation, you probably entered the wrong email address.

  • In that case, you can contact us by phone during our opening hours to provide your correct email address. But in the meantime, you remain responsible for fulfilling your appointments, and not receiving your confirmation email which may leave you late in moving the appointment.


       Coming too late:

  • We try to schedule the right amount of time for each treatment and being late often messes up the planning for the rest of the day.
  • When you arrive late, we can shorten the lost time on the treatment and still calculate the entire agreed fee. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your treatment will continue if you are late.
  • More than 10 minutes late at a short treatment or 15 minutes for a long treatment is already a No show-up. So we can't give you the treatment anymore.



  • Normal waiting time can be between 0 and 25 minutes. We do our best to work as well as possible according to our agenda and reduce waiting time, we book enough time for each treatment and extra time per customer. But unforeseen circumstances or some hairsituations sometimes cause this to fail. We hope for your understanding of this.
    Force majeure:
  • In case of failures in the salon force majeure or emergency we reserve the right to move your appointment.
  • When booking an online appointment, a deposit must be paid.
  • The deposit is 30% of the total amount.
  • The deposit will be settled against your treatment(s) that you have on the relevant day. The rest of the total amount must be paid with one of the following payment methods: cash, or your bank card.
  • When cancelling the reserved appointment or not showing up (No show-up) whatever the reason, there is no entitlement to the amount of the deposit.
  • The customer must pay the bill of the treatment and any products immediately after the treatment has ended.
  • The customer agrees with us to pay the agreed price. If this has not been discussed before the treatment, we assume that our rates are known to the customer. Our rates and prices can be found on our website: Price list



  • We like to hold our prices as long as it falls under the normal calculation, the calculation basis exists of:
    hair length, hair thickness (up to normal hair thickness), duration of treatment and quantity of products used.
    Enough time and products are booked per treatment and we cover up to 10% extra of these.
    if your treatment has cost us more than 10% extra, then only a small surcharge of 10% is added except for if the treatment has its own surcharge rules and that our price is indicated.
  • If this has not been discussed before the treatment we assume that our rates and surcharge rules are known to the customer and after the treatment it will be announced if there is a surcharge or not, of course according to our surcharge rules that are indicated above.
  • If the hair is much longer than model 6, has extreme thickness or needs to be treated especially by a difficult hair situation (think difficult discoloration for example), the hair does not fall under our price list or supplement rules. To do this, you first need to book a Free Consultation to assess your hair and price.
  • The reported prices include VAT. ( BTW)
  • Our prices do not include individual Clip-in hair extensions.
  • Offers in advertisements are valid in the specified time of duration and/or as long as the stock lasts.
  • Actions offered in our online widget in the category "Deals" are valid as long as they are bookable, and only for Customer cardholders. Deals expire when they are rescheduled more than twice and they cannot be combined with other offers.

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